2022 People’s Choice Bike Show

2022 People’s Choice Bike Show

This event is for everyone, both for those who want to show off their cool BMW bikes and everyone else who wants to help judge them. That’s why it is called the “People’s Choice!” This event is not the same as the Vintage Bike show and technical judging, which is also done during the same time period. Our bike classes have been selected to be interesting—some stock and some weird.

  1. Air Heads (non-vintage).
  2. Oil Heads
  3. Hex Heads/CAM Heads/Wet Heads
  4. K flying bricks
  5. K everything else (Wedge, transverse, straight 6)
  6. F singles and 2-cyl
  7. S1000 and Other BMW Bikes
  8. Most Farkled—we’ll count them (does not include tank bag or panniers)
  9. Mud & Bugs & Deviant—most mess covering the bike as well as most custom bike setup that varies from stock.
  10. BMW Sidecar rigs

Popular vote winners for each class will receive first, second and third place award ribbons. One overall Best-in-Show award will be provided for the most popular bike. Photos will be taken of all the bikes and posted on the Rally website.

Bikes will be lined up according to their classes no later than 9 AM on Saturday morning.  All rally attendees are invited to come by to review the bikes and vote for best-in-class between 9 AM and 12:30 PM. Votes will then be tallied and awards given out between 2:00 and 2:30 PM. Look for the event location on your Rally Book Map.  See you there!

Photo of bikes at the 2021 People's Choice Bike Show by Bill Wiegand.


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