We Need Your Help…Volunteer!

Coordinating our rally each year actually begins years before the event’s date and starts with the site selection committee researching various sites before selecting the final facility. Then, the real work begins as the Rally Chairs begin their work to book entertainment, suppliers, vendors and the site personnel to make your rally a success.

While volunteering your time at the rally may sound intimidating, it shouldn’t. Many committees have tasks that most of us can easily do, and when 1,500 or so of us lend a hand and give just a little bit of time, great things happen. Many hands make light work.

In the days before the rally gate opens, a group of volunteers will be needed to help with sign making and placement or offer security in the vendor area prior to the rally. Others are needed to help set up the registration area and the entertainment stages, to monitor the arrivals of members, to assist RV-ers set up their rigs, or to offer direction to camping areas. The stuffing of mugs with our pins and patches also requires many helping hands, and the MOA Gear Store and the Prize Committee both could use your help. These are just some of the committees that could use your help. If you are able to help on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday prior to the official Rally start, please contact us.

Once the rally is actually underway, many hands will still be needed. Registration volunteers are needed throughout the rally as are shuttle volunteers to help taxi members around the rally site. More volunteers are needed to provide rally security and sell 50/50 tickets for the local charity that we generously support. Other committees needing your help include Door Prizes, the Sewing Table, the 5k Run, Bike Judging, the Bike Wash and Oil Change Stations and more. Don’t like the heat? Then pull up a chair and join Ice Sales and stay cool in the shade. If you have a medical background or have first aid experience, consider volunteering at our First Aid Station.

Interested? Visit the volunteer page or email Paul Ruffell, 2020 Volunteer Chair. If you have questions about how to get involved, contact the Rally Chairs with your specific questions. Many members say they have so much fun volunteering that they usually signup for more than one shift.

Together we can make the 2020 MOA National Rally something special. We look forward to seeing you in Great Falls



  1. John and Deborah Holmes

    I would like to volunteer. We went to the Des Moines rally and left thinking that would be fun to participate. We intend to come to Scoot Bootn rally and would like to help. I would like to help with the Vintage display or Registration. Debbie would like to help at the Sewing booth.


  2. G’Day Team

    I am coming from “Down Under” (aka Australia) to re-connect with the National after many years absence! Just advising I will be in Great Falls AM on the Monday and happy to volunteer for setup tasks through to PM Wednesday. Also want to camp on site early with my eerr… hire car (cant rent an airhead). So hope that’s OK. Looking forward to a great rally, seeya RTO #32257

  3. John Lang

    Howdy Ron,
    YOU can plan on Rally Leadership being able to use your “volunteerism” early,
    very likely by Monday afternoon!
    If you arrive by “hire car”…what we call a “rental”, your issue is…
    “where” will Rally Staff determine within the camping areas that autos
    (and other non motorcycle/with tent(camper) only combinations) will be directed to utilize. And there may be no rally signage up quite that early (Mon.)
    THAT decision usually comes somewhat late in the planning stages.
    You CAN camp in the bike/tent areas without a bike…
    but your rental car may be a good distance away in a parking area.
    OR… they may have a camp area for cars/trucks, trailer combos, ect…
    that are not typical RV’s utilizing the water/electric/sewer of the RV park.
    The logistics and size offering of each particular annual Rally location determine those decisions. Camping near “Airhead Central” may be just the place for your
    interests and camaraderie!
    Enjoy the show & Thank You for volunteering Ron.
    See YOU there.
    “travel’n” John

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