A few attractions near Great Falls

A few attractions near Great Falls

Montana features great roads and amazing scenery on tap for every rider coming to the rally. There's more to see and do in and around Great Falls than just ride and ogle mountains, so here's a list of things you might enjoy during your sojourn to big sky country.

  • Glacier State Park - $30 entry (good for 7 days), West Glacier MT. Called the Crown of the Continent, GNP has over 700 miles of hiking trails, numerous lodging (and camping) options, and Going-to-the-Sun Road, a must-ride destination. Note: GNP is undergoing construction in 2020, so visitors may encounter closures and long travel delays. GNP is 145 miles from the rally site.
  • Garnet Ghost Town - $3 per person (age 16 & up), Drummond MT. Garnet was a thriving town 120 years ago, home to hundreds of gold miners and the infrastructure needed to support them. Named one of America's Coolest Ghost Towns by Travel + Leisure, Garnet is about 130 miles from the rally site.
  • Berkeley Pit - $2, Butte MT. Started in 1955, Berkeley Pit was a copper mine until it shut down in 1982. Visitors can view the open-pit mine and explore the Butte area, about 155 miles from the rally site.
  • Yellowstone National Park - $30 entry, West Yellowstone MT. About 260 miles from the rally site, West Yellowstone is YNP's busiest gateways and a mecca for year-round outdoor recreation enthusiasts. In summer, you can engage in fly fishing, river rafting, mountain biking, hiking and more.
  • Big Sky is a resort town near the Gallatin River at the edge of Yellowstone National Park, about 250 miles from the rally site. While it's the self-proclaimed home to the biggest skiing in America, in summer those ski areas are a boon to hikers, fishers and all sorts of others seeking fun, wholesome activities.
  • Pompey's Pillar - $7, Worden MT. A landmark notable for not just its amazing natural features, but also a visit by Captain William Clark during the Lewis & Clark expedition in the early 1800s. Located about 230 miles from the rally site.
  • Flathead Lake is the largest fresh water lake west of the Mississippi River and features deep pristine water, great fishing (tribal permit required) and tons of recreation opportunities. The lake is part of Flathead State Park, about 215 miles from the rally site.
  • Miracle of America Museum - $6/3 (adults/kids), Polson MT. MOAM features over 70 antique motorcycles and over 3,000 pieces of motorcycling memorabilia, as well as military vehicles and exhibits highlighting the region's national parks. About 230 miles from the rally site.
  • Garden of 1,000 Buddhas - free (donations accepted), Arlee MT. Located about 200 miles west of the rally site, the Garden is a Tibetan Buddhist shrine and educational center near Missoula. Open 8 AM to dusk through the summer.

Of course, this is just a short list of the hundreds of opportunities awaiting everybody coming to the rally. Whether you make a day trip or stop at one of these locations on your way to or from the rally, there's more to see and do in Montana than you can possibly imagine!

For more information about Great Falls and the surrounding area, download these PDFs (PDF reader required):

(photo courtesy of the Garden of 1,000 Buddhas)


  1. Hi Wow I own a BMW and live in Bozeman! Gotta think about getting up here for the rally. I love my 2019 F750GS. Just got new tires in preparation for summer!

    In reading the write-up I was surprised to find no mention of Bozeman, or Livingston even. Both are vibrant towns, Bozeman is a very active town full of restaurants, music, farmer’s markets, breweries and distilleries, bbq and great shops. There is fishing and rafting and mountain biking, climbing gym, hot springs, and much more . . . a very active community. There are even modest motorcycle type of hotels here.

    There is a very nice ride coming south on Rte 89 from Great Falls over King’s Hill Pass and into White Sulpher Springs (great hot springs, few motels, soaking, steak houses), continue south of 89 into Livingston or head west on Rte 86 over Battle Creek Pass, along the Bridger Mountains in what’s known as Bridger Canyon and is drop-dead God’s country gorgeous, and into Bozeman. It’s a worthy ride, easy day or make it two and soak.

    There are a few other beautiful rides, including the Frontage road along I-15 between Great Falls and Helena. However 89 South is a really beautiful ride, deep woods, nice curves up to and down the pass, open roads and hardly any traffic.

    Another town worthy of seeing with more good riding around is Lewistown, Fort Benton. Also heading either direction on Rt2 is always a superb idea.

    Maybe some of this can be added.
    I hope to attend.
    Safe riding!

    Rebecca L. Coursey. Bozeman MT 59715

  2. David Morbach

    Lived in Great Falls 1972-1979. Montana is a beautiful and diverse state. Glacier National Park will knock your eyes out and sneak into your heart. Looking forward to being back there again

  3. Dave Johnson

    Will the rally provide routes/maps of potential day rides from Great Falls? Glacier and Yellowstone are obvious but If I attend the rally I’d really like to do several days trips out of Great Falls and a map of local roads with points of interest would be great.

    1. Wes Fleming

      Yes, to an extent – we’re working with Visit Great Falls to provide some maps and route sheets. Anything we’re able to provide will be available in the registration tent when you arrive.

  4. Dean Kershner

    1. You need to add a trip up to FT Benton and visit the riverfront. Come back down HWY 228 through Highwood MT.
    2. Gates of the Mountains Boat tour (low price and well worth it) between Helena and Great Falls.
    3. Ride up to Monarch Pass and down to White Sulphur Springs.
    4. Hwy 200 through Lincoln
    5. The Isaac Walton Inn in Essex. (stay over after a long day in Glacier.

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