Be Dirt Curious at The 50th!

Be Dirt Curious at The 50th!

Are you considering becoming an Adventure rider? Come try out a dirt bike first! DC Dirt Camp is offering "Dirt Curious" for ages 16+ who already use a motorcycle clutch smoothly but want to get exposure to off-road riding and skills for low traction situations.

Enjoy practicing on our lightweight and long-travel suspension dirt bikes. Leave your heavy street bike parked! (Then come back for an Adventure bike class later this season).

This is not for seasoned dirt bike riders or MX racers. This is still a fundamentals class for those with little to no off-road experience! But if you're interested in getting into Adventure bikes, THIS class is the place to get you started. A foundational understanding of proper standing posture, footpeg weighting, and counter-balancing will all be covered in this 2-hour lesson.

We even have shin & knee pads, plus elbow pads if it's too hot to wear your road gear! Bring your own gloves and helmet. (But we do have loaners if you're coming to the rally in a cage). All for only $105 for the two-hour session.

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