Breakfast at the National

Breakfast at the National

Are you camping at the National and wondering where you might be able to find a hearty breakfast? Well, wonder no more. For our 50th National Rally, breakfast will be available each day in the Meadow Pavilion. Pancakes and bacon or sausage will be served on Thursday, bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches on Friday, and a breakfast buffet with eggs, tots, and meat on Saturday. All meals come with juice and coffee from the coffee team and a vegetarian option will be available each day. All for just $8 per meal.

"Grab & Go" meal service begins each morning at 7 am.  Advance ticket purchase is required. You can buy as many meals and days as you like. Buy some extra tickets to share with your neighbors. For only $8, it’s the easy way to make friends at the National! And, just in case you missed it, advanced ticket purchase is required!


BMW MOA National Rally