The 50th National Rally - June 8-10, 2023 - Meadow Event Park - 13191 Dawn Blvd, Doswell, VA

Door Prizes


Did someone say door prizes? Yup, a whole bunch of them. When you check in at registration in Virginia, you will be given a door prize ticket. Take your door prize ticket to the Welcome Center inside the Farm Bureau Event Center. Trade your door prize ticket for your Rally Swag. Sit back and wait for your number to be called!

Door prize drawings for grand prizes, including the three BMW motorcycles, will take place each night on the entertainment stage. This year at the 50th, you could win one of the following grand prizes!

Other door prize winners will be posted Friday morning at 9 am, Saturday morning at 9 am and Saturday at 12 noon! Many thanks go out to all the advertisers, vendors, and MOA supporters who donate items to be used as door prizes at the 50th National Rally.  Our generous donors contribute a great deal to the National Rally.  Please take the time to thank the following donors.

BMW MOA National Rally