European riders – come on over for the rally!

European riders – come on over for the rally!

European BMW riders! Consider yourselves invited to attend the BMW MOA National Rally in Great Falls, Montana, June 25-27, 2020.

We realize crossing "the pond" can be an expensive proposition, so in the interest of camaraderie, friendship and forging a common bond, we have a gift for you.

A $350 coupon to help fuel your interest!

In addition, you'll get a $150 credit if you you fly at the same time as your motorcycle, so you could save $500. You must depart Europe from Dublin, Gatwick, Rome, Paris or Amsterdam and you must arrive in North American at Calgary.

Calgary, Alberta, is less than a day's ride from the rally site in Great Falls, Montana. Riding through southern Canada and Montana is a joy by itself.

Simply click the graphic below to fill out a shipping application, reserve your pallet space and enter the promo code 2020BMW in the box on the application. You just saved $500! Get four of your friends together for the trip, because we can (in most cases) fly five bikes at a time. Insurance is also available for the US and Canada.

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  1. Andresa

    Hey, guys, I had loose plans for coming over and join you guys from Germany. Understandably the event was now moved to 2021. Why is Frankfurt not listed/qualified as a starting airport?
    I would definitively consider coming over but I plan on renting or borrowing bike in Calgary.
    Please consider Frankfurt and I will consider coming in 2021 definitively.
    Stay well.
    Andreas from Germany

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