Get a Taste of the Trophy at The 50th

Get a Taste of the Trophy at The 50th

Riding ... camping ... catching up with friends scattered across the country ... eating ... all of these things are integral to the MOA Rally experience, but one rally aspect many attendees take advantage of year after year is training! This year the BMW Performance Center’s U.S. Rider Academy is bringing you a unique training opportunity.

In preparation for the world-wide qualifying events for the 2024 International GS Trophy, the BMW Performance Center will be in attendance setting up the Taste of the Trophy course for you, which includes three riding clinics to help you master the throttle, clutch, braking and body positions you need to succeed! Whether you are a serious Trophy contender or just want to work on your off-road skills, this is the place to be!

Sign up for one of three clinics available at The 50th for just $100 thanks to a subsidy in place from the MOA Foundation. Register now! You can also take advantage of other opportunities, such as the Dirt Curious sessions, and of course don’t forget all the other training opportunities at The 50th!


  1. Tom Jablonowski

    Are registration refunds available. My riding partner has to cancel due to his wife’s scheduled surgery? I cannot find (nor can “search”) any info on this?

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