Get your bike serviced by Kissell at The 50th!

Get your bike serviced by Kissell at The 50th!

The most-often asked question about any rally isn't "Is there a quiet camping area," it's "Can I get a new set of tires at the rally?" We try to make sure there's somebody at every rally changing tires—and this year it will be Dunlop, so you're covered—but what about oil changes?

Sure, there's the DIY Area, where you have to bring your own parts and supplies, do all the work yourself and then—gasp!—clean up after yourself, but this year Kissell Motorsports (aka BMW Motorcycles of Tyrone) is sending two BMW-certified Master Technicians to the Rally with one thing in mind: doing the work for you!

I spoke with Josh Nolten, Kissell's General Manager, and he said, "We're excited to be bringing two of the best techs in the region—Tom Askew and Taylor Cioffi—to the MOA Rally. They're top-shelf guys with lots of experience." He also broke down how it will work:

  • Basic services only—oil change, brake flush, air filters, spark plugs. Kissell will not be changing tires.
  • You don't need to bring your own parts or supplies!
  • Services available for bikes dating back into the 1990s (the graphic below notwithstanding, that's my airhead, and Josh specifically said "back to the '90s").
  • Credit card payments preferred.
  • Check in at Kissell's indoor vendor booth (2118—Klim/BMW MC of Tyrone), where they'll get you on the schedule and send you to their outdoor booth (G11) to get the work done.
  • NO RESERVATIONS AHEAD OF TIME—service is strictly first come, first served, and the list starts first thing Thursday morning.

This is the first time in a long time any BMW Motorrad dealer has done anything like this at the rally; if you're a fan, be sure to let them know how much you appreciate the opportunity!

Ancient, dirty air filter from a Slash 6. Kissell will be working on bikes dating back into the 1990s; be sure to check with them at their booth (2118) if you have questions about your bike.


  1. Wes Fleming

    They’re not selling parts/supplies – if you’re going the DIY route, you’ll need to source your own materials. There are FOUR dealers in Virginia, though, including one only about 30 miles from the rally site. Oh – plus more in North Carolina and Maryland, so if you’re coming from pretty much anywhere, you can stop by a dealer on the way and get what you need for DIY tasks. Names are at the bottom of the page at

  2. John Adamski

    I have had Tom Askew and Taylor Cioffi workon my bikes and they are the real deal, outstanding skills & experience. Great to have them on-site to help those needing work.
    John Adamski

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