The Interstate Not So Blitz

The Interstate Not So Blitz

Does the interstate system have to always be a blitz?  Why should the interstate system not also be fun? Yes, it's quick and fast.  So, that works, right?  Well, yeah, but did you see something that made your day?  Or do you only remember that inattentive driver who did some stupid things?

After all, this year's rally theme is "Ridin' to Redmond".  So in spirit of that theme, we are going to show our fun alternatives to strictly following the interstate routes.  And if you time it right, there are things to do when it's the warm part of the afternoon to cool off, or an awesome place to finish up the day.

Here are the some of the routes we have put together.



For the full collection of our 'not so blitz' Interstate routes including scenic and fun connector routes, see our Ride with GPS collection here:, where you can also download a copy of these for your own use.  We will be adding more to our Ride with GPS collection over the next month, so check back often.


Ride with GPS is a great way for the MOA to share and distribute maps, GPS routes and turn-by-turn instructions. As with any great service, some best practices in the form of tips and tricks are in order.

  • Each route in Ride with GPS is equivalent to a track in the world of Garmin GPS units and BaseCamp software. So for all the routes, make sure you get the entire collection of routes in Ride with GPS.
    • Ride with GPS allows you to download many different GPS files types, including GPX, for the BMW Navigator series and other Garmin productsWhen downloading GPX files, only download the "GPX Track" version.
    • The "GPX Route" version will leave you at the mercy of the settings on your Garmin GPS, and will take you off the planned route and maybe to unexpected places and road conditions.
  • Once you have the "GPX Track" version loaded on your device and want turn-by-turn navigation, convert the "track" on your Garmin GPS to a "trip."
  • If you don’t have a dedicated GPS device and use your phone for navigation, Ride with GPS also has a number of file formats to work with various navigation apps for phones.
  • Ride with GPS also has its own phone app that will also help guide you! Download now for Apple iOS or Android.