It’s the 50th! Introducing the Rally Chairs

It’s the 50th! Introducing the Rally Chairs

Paula and I are super excited and hope you plan to join us this June for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at the BMW MOA’s 50th National Rally at the Meadow Event Park in Doswell, Virginia, just outside Richmond. This beautiful facility also happens to be the birthplace of Secretariat, the ninth winner of the American Triple Crown, and is surrounded by rich American history and outstanding riding opportunities in all directions. Along with a group of very dedicated volunteers and staff, we are diligently working to create what we promise will be an excellent rally experience for all attendees.

Before we talk about what you can expect to see at the Meadow Event Park, let’s discuss some fundamental reasons to get excited about the MOA’s 50th National Rally. First, our National Rally allowed us to make lifelong friends who share a passion for life on two wheels. Paula and I vividly remember our first rally years ago. As first-timers, we didn’t know anyone there and surely didn’t know what to expect as we walked into an event with 5,000 other BMW motorcyclists.

At the end of that first day, we found a group of new friends from across the country. Years later, those friendships remain even though we may only see each other at our Rally each June. Paula and I look forward to reconnecting with these friends each summer.

The MOA National Rally also gives Paula and me a purpose-driven vacation, which we both enjoy. To fulfill our needs to help, we’ve always volunteered at the Rally, which I highly recommend as a great way to meet new people. Volunteering at the Rally gives our vacation a purpose and pushes us to ensure others have a great rally experience.

We also believe that attending the MOA National Rally gives us a vacation from the rigors of a vacation. By that, we mean it's a vacation where we don’t have nearly the number of decision points we might have in a traditional vacation. At the Rally, I know when and where I need to be and what I'll do while there. Our only decisions include choosing the route to get there, what new foods to try and how to get everything I buy back home. That last worry was real until I discovered I could ship whatever I bought home from the Rally site.

Since last fall, we’ve been working on cataloging some great routes to eat, shop, discover some American history or enjoy the beautiful Virginia countryside. As that’s been happening, our entertainment volunteers have been working feverishly to identify, schedule and book great bands. Paula and I are classic rock and classic country fans if that gives you any hints as to what we’re after. We may also have an extraordinary musical treat for everyone on Saturday night, so stay tuned.

Additionally, our Vendor Committee is tirelessly working to bring in vendors offering everything you had no clue that you couldn’t live without! The MOA’s vendor area has always been one of my favorite parts of the Rally because I’m a touchy-feely guy who prefers to see, try on and touch the things I’m going to buy. I also like to spend my money with vendors who support the MOA and usually offer a rally discount.

There’s a lot more to reveal in the coming months to entice you to make plans to come to Virginia in June. If you do come, I only ask one thing of you: come with an open mind, willing to open yourself up to new friends and experiences. If you do that, I promise you’ll leave happy and wishing you attended your first National Rally sooner. If you're a first-time rally-goer, I ask you to find Paula and me and introduce yourself.

We look forward to seeing you this June.

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