Meet Becky & Corey Smith, your 2021 Rally Chairs

Meet Becky & Corey Smith, your 2021 Rally Chairs

Becky and I would like to invite you to join us along with a few thousand of our MOA friends to the 2020 BMW MOA International Saddle Up & Ride Rally at the beautiful Montana Expo Park, June 24-27, 2021, in Great Falls, Montana.

While a destination on its own, Great Falls is located close to many iconic national park sites, including Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Big Hole National Battlefield, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, and many more. The beauty found along routes to, from and around the Great Falls area is something riders from all over the world come here to see. While here, visit the falls, hike the trails or just kick back––there are so many things to do in Great Falls!

Corey and Becky Smith, Rally Chairs

The rally site, The Montana Expo Park, gives visitors the feeling of a large city park with lots of trees and grass for camping. Great Falls is excited to have us, so much so in fact, that they are providing a free trolley to take rallygoers from the Expo Park to the downtown area and the many restaurants, breweries and other sights found there.

If this is your first rally, that’s awesome and thank you for committing to come. If you would like to make the most of your rally experience, consider volunteering. Hands down, volunteering will be a rewarding experience for those looking to meet new people and have more fun at the rally.

Rally registration is now open at, and with so many of our rally attendees also interested in volunteering at the rally, this year rally-goers will have the opportunity to sign up for volunteer opportunities when they register for the rally.

To register, visit and look for the Rally tab. Once you’ve registered, also look for a SignUpGenius tab where you’ll be able to sign up for the many timeslots available. If you’re unsure where you’d like to help out, visit the FAQ section, which lists all of the available committees along with their functions. While volunteering isn’t mandatory, it is a great way to meet people and increase your rally fun.

For Becky and I, our journey with the MOA started just after buying our first BMW when Becky said, “I would like for us to get another bike.” Of course, my response was "I love you!" Being the dutiful husband that I am, I didn’t waste any time and soon found a 2007 K 1200 GT advertised in our local newspaper. I also found out that a good deal isn't necessarily the best deal when buying a motorcycle. After getting our GT home, I found out it needed a lot of work before we could get serious about going anywhere. About that time, I met a vendor we dealt with at work who is also an avid BMW rider. During our conversations we found out that I apparently “stole” that bike out from under him.

After talking BMWs for a while, he invited us to to the Great River Road Rally in southwestern Wisconsin, and we’ve been riding together ever since.

That first trip was a comedy of errors on my part. We rode through two hours of cold rain and then snow with no heated gear, and we got lost in the dark with no map or cell service. Once we finally found the rally site and were preparing to set up our tent, I recall overhearing one of the guys sitting around the fire say, “Wonder if he can set up a tent in the dark?"

I had a blast despite all of that. That first trip introduced me to a group of riders who, unbeknownst to me at the time, would lead Becky and I to the MOA family. The friendships made through our involvement with this group are near and dear to both of us. I say all this to emphasize that if you are not coming to Great Falls to see old friends along with new friends you’ve not met yet, you're missing out on a great annual opportunity to do just that.

Life is short, so Saddle Up & Ride!


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