R 75/5 Concourse results from the 2022 Rally

R 75/5 Concourse results from the 2022 Rally

The 2022 Rally wasn't just a celebration of the 50 years of the BMW MOA, it was also a celebration of 50 years of the iconic R 75/5, a motorcycle which served to boost BMW's motorcycle sales and keep the brand fresh and vibrant in a time of economic uncertainty for the marque.

Part of the celebration of the R 75/5 was a Concourse event at the Rally, the results of which are below.

This fully restored R 75/5 was given away to one lucky Rally attendee as a Grand Prize during the 50th anniversary MOA Rally's closing ceremonies. It is indicative of the style and trim of a typical BMW motorcycle of the early 1970s.

BMW MOA 2022 Concourse Judging show results:

  • Best in Show
    1. Arnold Garcia (Texas), 1973 R 75/5 Toaster Tank (96 points)
    2. Brian McCrosley (Texas) (93.5 points)
    3. James Crane (Wisconsin) (93 points)
  • Farthest Distance Ridden to Rally
    1. Bob Nelligen (New York),  1,243 miles
    2. Ken O'Malley (South Carolina),  1973 R 60/5, 869 miles
  • Slash 5 Pick To Ride Home: Darin Webb (Oklahoma), 1972 R 75/5
  • Worst-Condition Slash 5 Ridden to the Rally: Mikey Orloff and Ken Stallman (Texas), co-winners on 1972 R 75/5s - and with sequential license plate numbers to boot!


  1. Pedro Candiani

    Just so you know, and it’s not about the prize but general info, we were a group of four friends and rode to the rally from Oaxaca, Mexico. The distance we rode was about 1800+ miles… Rally participant
    No. 03207. Cheers!

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