BMW MOA National Rally June 24-27, 2021

Rally Refunds

MOA members who previously registered for the 2020 National Rally in Great Falls are automatically registered for the new dates in 2021 with no changes to their registration. Members who cannot attend Great Falls in 2021 have two options for refunds - either a full cash/credit card refund or an event voucher which includes a 20% value bonus.

The event voucher is an added incentive to attend another MOA event in the future. The voucher can be used for any BMW MOA event including a National Rally, MOA Getaway or Premier Training event.  The value of the voucher will be the full value of your 2020 Rally registration plus an additional 20%. If you paid the regular member price of $65 for the 2020 Rally, your event voucher will be worth $78 toward a future MOA event ($65 + 20% bonus).

To receive a cash refund or an event voucher including the 20% bonus, complete the Refund Request form online by December 31, 2020. Completing the online form allows the MOA staff to efficiently process refund requests as quickly as possible. Members who complete the Refund Request form should expect confirmation by email within ten days. Beginning January 1, refunds for the National Rally will be available in accordance with the MOA’s regular refund policy.

BMW MOA National Rally