Ride It Forward Day of Charity

Ride It Forward Day of Charity

Ride for the rally charity with RIDE IT FORWARD on Saturday, June 10, 2023!

Every year, the Rally's charity drive—officially known as the MOA Karol Patzer Children's Challenge—benefits a local children's charity, helping to give back to the communities which host MOA members and their friends and guests by the thousands for our annual family reunion. This year, the charity is Caroline's Promise. Their mission is the total integration of FIVE PROMISES into a young person's life to offer real hope. By working together, Caroline's Promise and Rally attendees can give young people the resources to succeed in life.

You will be able to join a guided ride on a fun route from the rally to Caroline’s Promise. There, you will enjoy a tasty lunch while meeting some of the children benefiting from the charity work Caroline’s Promise provides. This opportunity will help develop a deeper connection, and perhaps longer-term bonds, with the charity, its work and its people.

Emily Hart is one local youth who has benefitted from Caroline's Promise's programs; she says, "Caroline's Promise is an amazing organization that does so much for the community, especially for the students. The Young Entrepreneurs Expo hosted by Caroline's Promise provides a wonderful opportunity for kids my age and younger to learn about marketing and managing finances. It was amazing to see the support and confidence this event gave these students."


Emily continued, "Being able to sell my book at the Young Entrepreneurs Expo was an incredible experience that gave me the motivation and confidence to continue to try new things. Another Caroline's Promise event that I love is the school supply drive. It is one of my favorite events. I love seeing kids get excited about learning and being provided with the supplies they need to be successful. Caroline's Promise brings the whole community together to make Caroline a better place."

Caroline's Promise is largely supported by the Caroline County Board of Supervisors and by generous donations from local businesses and churches. They offer a preemptive (and huge) "thank you" to all of those who support the work they do. Without financial support, they would not be able to continue their programming. Caroline's Promise is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and authorized by Internal Revenue to issue charitable gift receipts for all donations.

Another youth benefitting from Caroline's Promise's programs is Malachi Drumgole; he said, "Caroline's Promise has been a significant pillar in my educational journey, providing crucial guidance and support. This organization is dedicated to giving back to the community and nurturing the next generation, making it an invaluable asset. Personally, Caroline's Promise has played a vital role in strengthening my leadership skills, allowing me to take charge and contribute my knowledge and ideas to numerous events. Through these experiences, I have witnessed firsthand how this organization empowers individuals like me.

"Furthermore, Caroline's Promise has been a lifeline during times of need. This year, I was fortunate to receive a $1,000 scholarship from them, easing the financial hardships that many of us face. This support has lightened my load and allowed me to focus more on my education and personal growth.

"I believe that Caroline's Promise can be viewed in various ways, but to me, it stands as a stepping stone towards building a solid foundation for future leadership and community outreach in Caroline. Its commitment to empowering individuals and fostering a sense of responsibility has a lasting impact. I am grateful for the opportunities and guidance provided by Caroline's Promise, and I am confident that it will continue to shape the lives of many others in our community."


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