The Celebration of the Slash 5!

The Celebration of the Slash 5!

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America! In honor of this occasion, the BMW MOA “Wander Farther” National Rally Grand Prize bike is a beautifully restored 1972 Monza Blue Toaster Tank R75/5.

Because the Slash 5 series was so critical in the growth of the BMW motorcycle line and BMW clubs, we are also celebrating the whole Slash 5 series at our Rally with the “Celebration of The Slash 5” and are asking everyone with a Slash 5 to bring it to the rally! We are planning the world’s largest /5 “selfie” – a big group photo – and a special /5 Bike Show! Further, a representative from BMW AG’s Archive division will be giving seminars about the development of the /5 series.

If you have a /5, please bring it to the rally and participate in the group photo, the bike show, and be a part of the biggest showing of /5’s in decades! You do not have to be a BMW MOA member to attend. However, you can save money on your rally registration by registering early, and even more by joining the MOA while you register.

If you think you will bring your /5, we are asking that you register your /5 below so we know what to expect. Remember, Rally registration and slash 5 registration are different things. You can register your slash 5's attendance below for free!

Please send questions to Let's Wander Farther in Springfield!

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