Vintage BMW display and seminar

Vintage BMW display and seminar

The “Vintage Display” in Sprigfield will offer an up-close view of the rich history of BMW motorcycles for all those who study, treasure and enjoy these amazing machines. All BMW Motorrad collectors, restorers and enthusiasts are invited and encouraged to exhibit their vintage machines. Additionally, all Rally attendees are welcome to visit the exhibit for a journey through BMW motorcycle tradition and history.

1938 R 12

Enthusiasts will be amazed at the sight of many antique and classic models, museum restorations and daily riders from the 1920s through the mid-1970s. There will be pre- and post-war singles and twins, and US models, including R 50US and R 60US examples, along with /5 Toasters, /6s, R 90s with orange and smoked grey tanks, and bikes with special and unique sidecars. All will showcase the evolution of BMW design, engineering and technology. The variety of bikes on display include those which have been lovingly and painstakingly restored to original and others carefully and mindfully preserved as original, each representing an important part of the BMW motorcycle story.

Vintage owners and restorers Lee Deyoung and Jack Wells will also lead a seminar on Friday morning at the Heritage Building, entitled “Restoration and Preservation of Vintage BMWs.”  The presenters have personally restored and ridden many antique and classic BMWs and are experts in their fields. They will discuss mechanics, electrics, paint, storage, insurance and the history of these machines. How-to’s and resources will highlight the seminar along with discussion and a Q & A session. Participation will be a great opportunity for those who have or are in the process of restoring a vintage bike or contemplating doing so to meet, network and share information.

195? R 51

The exhibited bikes will be judged (strictly optional) Saturday morning starting at 9 a.m. Judging is based on factory originality (with some exceptions, such as racers and sidecar rigs) and the AMCA philosophy where each bike is assessed on its own merits, beginning at 100 points. The Awards Ceremony will take place Saturday afternoon at 1:30 at the Vintage Display location. Motorcycles rated over 95 will receive an “Award of Excellence.” Additionally, two special memorial awards will be presented: “The Vern Mitchell Trophy” to the enthusiast who accurately and beautifully restored a pre-1977 bike on his or her own and “The Jim Falk Award” to the visionary who actively promotes the restoration and preservation of vintage BMWs.

At the end of the ceremony, there will be a raffle for owners who entered their BMW in the Vintage Display.