Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners Rally to the Rally

Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners Rally to the Rally

Want to join a bunch of vintage BWM motorcycle owners and have a good time on the way to the 50th? Check out the scheduled "Rally to the Rally," happening June 3- June 7, 2023.

A rolling collection of history from the northeast to the 50th National Rally, the “Rolling Rally” is NOT a group ride. It is simply a list of locations and places where Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners will be meeting with various BMW luminaries such as Peter Nettesheim, Todd Trumbore, and Bob Henig. These luminaries will be asked to sign the front fender of an ISDT tribute motorcycle that will be raffled for charity!

Come join the fun and hang out with some of the most dedicated BMW owners in the business. A complete schedule and list of places where you can join the rolling rally is available on the Vintage BMW Owners website.


BMW MOA National Rally