Wander Farther SaddleSore 1000–Ride-In for the 2022 MOA Rally

Wander Farther SaddleSore 1000–Ride-In for the 2022 MOA Rally

Riding a thousand miles in 24 hours is one of those motorcycling milestones a lot of us think about, but most of us never get around to doing. You have a chance at year’s National Rally in Springfield, Missouri, to not only participate in a SaddleSore 1000, but to get your Iron Butt Association certification before you head home!

The IBA is teaming up with the BMW MOA for a special SaddleSore 1000. Called the Wander Farther 1000, the ride will finish at the MOA’s National Rally, which is being held June 16-18 in Springfield, Missouri.

Get some tips and advice on how to successfully complete a Saddlesore 1000 right here on the Rally site!

Riders can start any time between 12:01 a.m. Saturday, June 1, and 11:00 a.m. Wednesday, June 15, from one of four locations around the country.

  • Buffalo, Wyoming. Distance is about 1,070 miles.
  • Holbrook, Arizona. Distance is about 1,060 miles.
  • York, Pennsylvania. Distance is about 1,020 miles.
  • Ortega, Florida. Distance is about 1,025 miles.

Organizers chose these cities as start points to simplify the documentation requirements for riders. You have 24 hours to complete the 1,000-plus-mile ride to Springfield to be considered a finisher. Riders must check in at the MOA Ambassadors Booth in the main vendor building on Thursday, June 16, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. to receive their materials at the Rally.

Finishers will receive a distinctive IBA Wander Farther 1000 certificate, SaddleSore 1000 ride pin, sticker and “IBA World’s Toughest Riders” plate backer along with membership in the IBA. Finishers will be honored at the Rally’s closing ceremony on Saturday evening. The registration fee is $50.

The Wander Farther 1000 Ride-In is not limited just to BMW riders—all marques are welcome! However, you must also be registered to attend the BMW MOA Rally. Visit rally.bmwmoa.org to participate in the Wander Farther 1000.

To register for the Wander Farther 1000, visit the IBA eStore (ibaestore.com), create an account (note: the registration system uses Paypal), and click the menu link for BMW MOA Rally Ride-In. Registration is $50, and please remember, you must be separately registered to attend the BMW MOA Rally!

IMPORTANT: Due to financial commitments, the refund deadline for the Wander Farther 1000 is May 31, 2022. After that, you may elect to do the ride any time in the following year (ending June 16, 2023) and mail your ride documents in.

If you can’t get to one of the start cities above, you can always do a SaddleSore 1000 to the rally from any other location (or do one on your way home!), but we won’t be able to provide your certification at the Rally; you’ll have to submit your materials through the regular Iron Butt process as outlined on their website.

Register for the Wander Farther 1000 now at the IBA eStore!

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