Win BigEar Custom Triple Speaker Earbuds with Go BLue Unit

Win BigEar Custom Triple Speaker Earbuds with Go BLue Unit


For years we have all struggled to hear our communication systems through the wind and outside road noise while escaping life on our motorcycles. Whether we wanted to listen to our music or hear our wives or buddies, it was always difficult while on the road. To compensate, we’ve purchased systems at a booth, in a store, or online through vendors that claim to have a better solution. We’ve sat in our driveway, installed that system, and boy, did it sound good! Then we went for a ride. Those supposedly new and improved systems did not perform as promised because the wind and road noise rose over 105dB. It was impossible to hear your music or partner over the roar.

Big Ear Inc. has a solution for your frustration on the open road. Finally, you can hear your communication system while enjoying your fantastic motorcycle adventures. Choose if you would like to go with Bluetooth or just hard wire into your newer communication system. Plug your cord into your Big Ear earplugs, and go. The clarity and sound are unparalleled to anything on the market. Big Ears Custom in-Ear Earbuds that are convertible from Bluetooth to wired to work with all communication systems.

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