June 19-21, 2025 | Wilson County Fairground, Lebanon, Tenn.

Rally FAQs

All Your Questions Answered!

The 2025 Rally will be held in Lebanon, Tennessee, June 19-21, 2025.

Welcome! The questions and answers on this page should cover most topics, but if you find a topic that isn't covered, contact the Rally Chairs or an MOA staff member.

Who are the Rally Chairs for 2025?

Vance & Mari Harrelson. Contact us through the Rally Contact Form.

When and Where is the Rally?

The 2025 Rally will be held in Lebanon, Tennessee, June 19-21, 2025.

Wilson County Fairgrounds
945 E Baddour Pkwy
Lebanon TN 37087
+1 615.443.2626

Rally site maps will be available on this website, as will more information about Lebanon and the surrounding area.

How do I get to the Rally?

Getting there is half the fun!

Coordinates & Other Ways to Map the Location

  • Lat/Long: 36.21056 -86.278966
  • GPS Coords: N 36°12'38.016" W 86°16'44.277" (WGS 84)
  • Plus Code: 5PXG+8W Lebanon, Tennessee
  • W3W: ///participate.fretting.devotion (James E Ward Center Entrance)

The Fairgrounds are east of Nashville, just off I 40. Get more information on the Fairgrounds' website.

How do I register?

Register now online! Registration is available until the rally ends. Day passes will be available on-site during the Rally.

How much does it cost to attend the Rally?

Advance registration always saves you money and for 2025, might net you some nice items, too!

Rally registration cost will be updated throughout the off-season.

What do I get for my Rally fee?

For your full rally registration fee (excluding children and day passes), you will receive admission to the rally for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, entry into door prize drawings, eligibility for our Grand Prize drawings and the BMW MOA prize bike. Your registration also includes camping and parking fees for the Rally site.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Personal checks, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and cash are accepted.

I'm Canadian. What if they close the border?

In the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, it appears the US/Canada border has stabilized, though crossing the border may entail processes you haven't encountered if it's been a while since you moved between countries. If for some reason the border closes ahead of the Redmond Rally, you can request a refund of your Rally registration fee 30 days or more prior to the event. If you cancel with less than 30 days' notice, you will be offered a credit toward a future BMW MOA event.

What is the Rally's COVID policy?

The MOA is taking more than reasonable precautions to hold a safe and fun event for our members. As an organization, we will exercise plenty of caution and do our best to help people enjoy the Rally with common sense guidelines such as social distancing, hand washing, sanitization, mask use, etc. We are doing our part by providing extra hand sanitizing stations, extra shower facilities, reduced capacity within buildings, outdoor entertainment wherever possible, limited touch interactions with members, etc.

The Rally will follow the guidelines, ordinances and mandates in effect during Rally week in Tennessee. Currently, Tennessee does not require face coverings in most situations, but does recommend their use in certain areas and situations. If that remains in effect and there are no conflicting local ordinances, masks will not be mandatory at the Rally. Any attendee may, of course, choose to wear a mask if they like.

We have put in place a liberal, no-justification-needed refund policy allowing a full refund 30 days or more prior to the event. Attendance is a personal choice and should you decide 2025 is not the year to attend, we will fully support your decision.

If you experience symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend the rally or venture to the rally grounds. Contact the Main Office to discuss a refund.

When is the earliest I can arrive at the Rally and set up camp?

Anyone arriving prior to Thursday must be an identified volunteer with a rally committee and will be expected to help with rally set-up. Rally set-up is a big effort and the set-up volunteers need an opportunity to get their work done in a timely fashion. Please give these volunteers a chance to get the rally ready before your arrival.

Will there be day passes at the Rally?

Day passes will be available for each day during the Rally. Price is TBA.

Do I have to be a member of the MOA to attend?

No. The Rally is open to BMW MOA members and their guests. Rally attendance is contingent on abiding by the rules and policies of the BMW MOA, and at the discretion of the Rally Chairs. We reserve the sole right to deny admission and/or remove persons from the rally grounds based on our discretion.

While MOA members receive a registration discount, non-members may join the MOA online or at the rally registration rate and receive the MOA member discount. A one-year membership is $59 ($49 with auto-renewal) for U.S. residents. Please see the BMW MOA website for the extensive list of MOA member benefits which easily offset the annual membership fee.

Do I have to ride a BMW motorcycle to attend?

While the BMW MOA National Rally is dedicated to BMW motorcycles, we welcome riders and guests on all marques. All bikes must meet local noise abatement regulations and rally attendance is contingent on abiding by the rules and policies of the BMW MOA and the discretion of the Rally Chairs.

Do I have to ride a motorcycle to attend?


Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Please bring your friends and allow us to make them feel like part of the family! Non-MOA members are welcome but have a slightly higher ticket cost. Of course, they can always join the MOA at the time of registration and get the member discount for admission!

I’ve arrived! What should I do first?

First things first. Register for the rally or check-in if you registered online before the rally.

If you are camping, proceed to the designated camping area and pick a spot to pitch your tent. Meet your neighbors, make new friends and relax.

Once you’ve settled in, visit the Rally Welcome Center inside the exhibitor area to turn in your door prize tickets, pick up your pin and rally mug and sign up at the Awards Booth…you never know what you may win!

First time at an MOA National Rally? We're glad you're here! Be sure to stop in and introduce yourself at the Ambassador’s Booth. Need to charge your electronic devices? We’ve got you covered at the Electronics Charging Station - be sure to bring your own cord. Check out the MOA Gear Shop for Rally shirts and other cool MOA items. Visit the MOA Foundation Booth to learn more about rider safety, education and training.

Last, but certainly not least, start having fun!

How can I volunteer to help out?

Lots of work happens before the Rally even opens. We'll have a contact form available in the spring for you to use. At the rally, the Volunteer Booth is located in the MOA building and you can sign up to volunteer there. Stop by and sign up for a shift or two. NOTHING would happen without our fantastic volunteers!

Can I ship items to the Rally?

Yes, you may ship items to the rally. All items should be addressed as follows:

Your Name / Cell Phone #
Wilson County Fairgrounds
Farm Bureau Exposition Center
945 E Baddour Pkwy
Lebanon TN 37087

Where do I pick up items shipped to the Rally?

Receiving will be available at a designated location in the exhibitor building from Monday through Saturday of Rally week. Hours are 9 AM to 5 PM M-F; 9 AM to 3 PM Saturday.

Will it be possible to ship items home from the Rally?

We work hard every year to bring on-site shipping services to the Rally and will post information as soon as it's available.

What if there is an emergency at home and I need to be reached?

If you need to be reached at the Rally grounds, coordinate with the Fairgrounds.

Where will the seminars be located?

Seminars will be located in several rooms or buildings across the grounds. Check the Rally Program or the MOA Ride Inspired! app for maps and locations. The current list of seminars and locations is posted on the seminars page and in the MOA Ride Inspired! app.

Where will the commercial vendors be located?

Commercial vendors will be located both inside and outside the designated exhibitor area. Tentative vendor hours are Thursday and Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM, and Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM.

Will WiFi service be available?

Internet services are not guaranteed with rally admission. Attendees should make arrangements to use their own cell networks or hot spots for personal connectivity needs.

How can I share the rally experience on social media?

We encourage all attendees and social media users to hashtag and tag to their heart's delight. Please tag @bmwmoa and use the hashtags #moarally, #thenational and #bmwmoa on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Share those photos and fun times!

Will campfires be allowed on the Rally site?

No campfires are allowed. The site also prohibits the following: smoking, tobacco, fireworks, sparklers, thrown toys (frisbees, balls, etc.), laser pointers, weapons (including knives) and illegal drugs.

Do I need to reserve a camping site?

Individual campsite reservations are not required and there are plenty of grassy and shady areas for tent camping in the designated camping areas. Please do not attempt to reserve space for late arrivals. Chartered clubs will be able to reserve space.

Do I need to worry about leaving my gear unattended?

Neither the BMW MOA nor the Fairgrounds are responsible for lost or stolen items. Public access to the Rally site will be limited during the rally, however normal precautions and common sense should prevail regarding your belongings.

Will there be a designated quiet camping area?

No. The grounds are large enough that no designated area will be identified. First-timers should remember that earplugs can help make your night restful. We ask all rally-goers to practice common courtesy throughout the rally grounds.

If I drive my car to the rally, will I be able to camp?

Yes. Campers may drive to their selected camping area and set up camp. You will be required to move your car to suitable parking once camping site material delivery is complete. No cars will be allowed to mix with tents at the fairgrounds.

Will a Special Medical Needs (SMN) camping area with electricity be available?

Yes, Medical Needs Camping is available on an as-available basis. There should be plenty of power at the site to serve everyone with a true medical need. Please be kind to your neighbors camping on-site.

Can generators be used in the tent camping areas?

No. Generators are prohibited in tent camping areas.

Can I reserve space for my group or friends?

No. Cordoning off camping space for future arrivals is strictly prohibited. Group camping for MOA clubs will be available.

Is there an RV area?

Yes, the Fairgrounds has hundreds of RV spaces available and should be reserved online during rally registration or by calling the BMW MOA office at (864) 438-0962. Full hookup spaces including power, water and sewer connection will be available, as will sites with just electrical connections. Costs will be announced as soon as they are available.

Are there alternative camping and RV sites?

Yes! Please remember you will have to make your reservations directly with these sites and your rally fee does not cover their cost.

RV Parks in the area include:

  • TBD

Campgrounds in the area include:

  • TBD

Will rider training be available at the rally?

We strive to offer training at every Rally. Information will be available in the spring.

Will there be BMW demo rides this year?


Are pets allowed at the Rally?

Well-behaved, leashed pets are allowed on the grounds. Owners must clean up after their pets and properly dispose of waste.

The Fairgrounds prohibits all animals in buildings other than those aligning with the ADA's service animal classification for animals specifically trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and are therefore not allowed in buildings.

Can I wash my bike at the Rally?


Can I buy new tires at the Rally?

While tire vendors are usually at every Rally, this information is currently TBD.

Can I get tires mounted at the Rally?

Tire installations are managed by individual vendors and this service has proven to be in high demand at previous rallies. Should you need new tires at the Rally, you would be well advised to arrange their purchase and installation in advance.

Is there a helmet law in the host state?

Tennessee requires DOT-compliant helmet use for all riders and passengers.

Other Tennessee laws related to motorcycles include:

  • Motorcycles must burn a headlight at all times.
  • Riders must have proper eyewear or a windshield
  • Lane splitting is illegal.
  • All motorcycles must have two mirrors.
  • All motorcycles must have a functioning muffler.
  • Passengers on motorcycles must have a seat and foot pegs.

The MOA strongly recommends the use of a motorcycle helmet by all riders and passengers at all times and cannot be held responsible for injuries sustained on the rally grounds.

What is the Rally firearms policy?

The Wilson County Fairgrounds prohibits firearms on site, including concealed weapons, even if the owner possesses a CCW.

What other Fairgrounds policies do I need to know about?

This is a smoke- and tobacco-free facility.

Which BMW Motorrad dealers are closest to the Rally site?