Check Out the Rally Program

Digital or Flip Book? The 2023 Rally program will be available in May 2023. Until then, please enjoy the 2022 Rally program! You can download a pdf copy to your computer or mobile device, or...
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Volunteer Now!

While volunteering your time at the rally may sound intimidating, it shouldn’t. Many committees have many tasks that most of us can easily do, and when 1,500 or so of us lend a hand and...
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Contact Us

To contact the Rally Chairs, submit the form below with your question or message. Remember our Rally Chairs are volunteers and working very hard to communicate with everyone.  If you need help immediately, please contact...
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Extra! Extra! All the Rally News

Vintage Display Will Celebrate 100 Years of BMW Motorcycles

The BMW Vintage Motorcycle Owner's Club and the BMW MOA are partnering to bring the largest collection of vintage and historic motorcycles to the 50th National Rally. Vintage Display Committee Chair Lee DeYoung is attempting to organize a display with one of every BMW model from 1923 through 1993. You...
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Superlative Awards for the 2022 National Rally

Every year sees an amazing variety of riders and bikes show up at the Rally site, wherever it is. We encourage and honor these riders with the following awards. If you look at these categories and say, "I rode farther than that!" or "I'm older than that!", keep in mind...
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R 75/5 Concourse results from the 2022 Rally

The 2022 Rally wasn't just a celebration of the 50 years of the BMW MOA, it was also a celebration of 50 years of the iconic R 75/5, a motorcycle which served to boost BMW's motorcycle sales and keep the brand fresh and vibrant in a time of economic uncertainty...
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Off-Road Training at the National with West38Moto

The BMW MOA is excited to team up with West38Moto to provide off-road training classes at the Wander Farther National Rally. Owner Dusty Wessels and his team of talented off-road ride instructors are here to help you develop your basic skills so you can enjoy dirt riding with more confidence....
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Win big with IMTBike Tours!

At this year's Rally, you can win big with IMTBIKE Tours by taking home their Essence of Portugal Tour - Soul and Tradition worth $4,400 (airfare not included). This unique tour is the perfect way to discover all the hidden secrets that Portugal has to offer. Seven riding days through...
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This One Time at the National

Not another Rally story!

Like every rally-goer, 2020 was a tough year. After the 2020 National Rally was cancelled, I had my fingers crossed that the 2021 event was...
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Phil and the Joy of Rallying

Just so happens the MOA and I were born in the same year, 1972. Even though I have been riding (legally) since I was 16...
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Thomas and the Sleeping Pool

It was 2008 and the MOA Rally in Gillette, Wyoming, beckoned. My riding buddy Thomas had recently returned from Iraq and was still feeling the...
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Phil and the Left Turn

What do I want to do at my first MOA Rally? To get to the point, it seems to be the best way to get...
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Bill at Morganton, when the Friendships Began

The first MOA rally I attended was in Morganton, North Carolina, in 1996. While each rally I’ve attended since was special in one way or...
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Tom and his first R 60

The year was 1984 and my best bud Kirk had a 1960-something R 60/2. He wanted to go to the National Rally in Missoula, Montana....
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