BMW MOA National Rally June 24-27, 2021


Work, work, work and some play! A party for 5,000 people couldn’t happen without a bunch of dedicated volunteers. The list below will tell you who is in charge of what. And, if you feel...
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Rally FAQs

All Your Questions Answered! 2021 MOA Rally: Great Falls, Montana, 24-27 June. Who are the Rally Chairs this year? Corey and Becky Smith. Contact us through the Rally Contact Form. When and Where is the...
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Explore Great Falls

Great Falls Montana offers all the best of Montana recreation: fishing, hunting, hiking, and more. Added to that, a rich history and arts community that caters to enthusiasts. We welcome you to come experience Great...
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Contact Us

To contact the Rally Chairs, submit the form below with your question or message. Remember our Rally Chairs are volunteers and working very hard to communicate with everyone.  If you need help immediately, please contact...
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Rallygoers Talk


This One Time at the MOA Rally

Tom and his first R 60

The year was 1984 and my best bud Kirk had a 1960-something R 60/2. He wanted to go to the National Rally in Missoula, Montana. He lived in Lewistown and I lived in Billings, so we agreed to take off from Lewistown. I had a 1970s Honda CX500 I rode...
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Jiggs on Father’s Day, as the Arch shone brightly

My MOA National rally stories started back in 1993 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, followed by 16 more and now planning my 17th. Every rally has had many memories and each one keeps building and creating new friends. The best memory I have of a rally is the last one, the 2019 rally in...
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Karolina finds her family

I was standing by the Schuberth booth at the Salem, Oregon, rally, contemplating whether I really NEEDED a new helmet. I heard two male voices behind me speaking Polish. Without really looking at them, I extended my ear to eavesdrop. After a moment, one of them looked at me and said...
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Steve and the Arizona Speed Limit

If you’re old enough to remember when the national speed limit of 55 MPH started, you can thank “Tricky” Dick Nixon, who (as president) agreed to it in 1974. Think about it: try to go just ten over and scoot along at 65 MPH. That’ll get you three points. Try...
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Frank and the Long Islanders

Das Rally in Hamburg, New York, was so close to home - only 220 miles, give or take - that I decided to ride my bike to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area earlier in the week for work. By mid-week, I made my way to the rally through northern Pennsylvania. It...
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Bruce at Shasta Lake, When the Temperature Soared

I retired in 2009, and in the summer of 2010 took a long-awaited ride from Pennsylvania to Alaska and back. The seat on my R 1200 GS was never really comfortable, so with 55,000 miles on the clock I decided to make a "one-day ride-in appointment" at Russell Day-Long Saddles...
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BMW MOA National Rally