Where to Ride – To, From or Just Around

Let’s face it, few of us live near enough to the rally site to sleep in our own beds every night, so the vast majority of us are going to be riding (or driving) to...
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Contact Us

To contact the Rally Chairs, submit the form below with your question or message. Remember our Rally Chairs are volunteers and working very hard to communicate with everyone.  If you need help immediately, please contact...
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Rally FAQs

All Your Questions Answered! The 2025 Rally will be held in Lebanon, Tennessee, June 19-21, 2025. Welcome! The questions and answers on this page should cover most topics, but if you find a topic that...
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Download the Rally App for the 411

If you are looking for updates and news about Ridin' to Redmond, download the BMW MOA's Rally app...
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Day Rides – Part 2

Here are descriptions for two more of our day rides, Timberline Lodge Loop and Shaniko/Painted Hills Loop.  You...
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My First Rally – the 50th!

In recent research studies, LSD, more commonly known as "acid," has been demonstrated to treat depression by removing the sense of individuality a person...
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Not another Rally story!

Like every rally-goer, 2020 was a tough year. After the 2020 National Rally was cancelled, I had my fingers crossed that the 2021 event...
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Phil and the Joy of Rallying

Just so happens the MOA and I were born in the same year, 1972. Even though I have been riding (legally) since I was...
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Thomas and the Sleeping Pool

It was 2008 and the MOA Rally in Gillette, Wyoming, beckoned. My riding buddy Thomas had recently returned from Iraq and was still feeling...
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