June 13-15, 2024 | Deschutes County Fairground, Redmond, Oregon

Grand Prizes

In 2023 we gave away Grand Prizes every day!

If you'd like to contribute a Grand Prize for the 2024 Rally, let us know - we'll tell you how to make it happen!


Big Ear (value $1,953) - BigEar Custom Triple Speaker Earbuds with Go Blue Unit & The Ones with all the Filters
For years we have all struggled to hear our communication systems through the wind and outside road noise while escaping life on our motorcycles. Whether we wanted to listen to our music or hear our wives or buddies, it was always difficult while on the road. To compensate, we’ve purchased systems at a booth, in a store, or online through vendors that claim to have a better solution. We’ve sat in our driveway, installed that system, and boy, did it sound good!

Then we went for a ride. Those supposedly new and improved systems did not perform as promised because the wind and road noise rose over 105dB. It was impossible to hear your music or partner over the roar.

Big Ear Inc. has a solution for your frustration on the open road. Finally, you can hear your communication system while enjoying your fantastic motorcycle adventures. Choose if you would like to go with Bluetooth or just hard wire into your newer communication system. Plug your cord into your Big Ear earplugs, and go. The clarity and sound are unparalleled to anything on the market. Big Ears Custom in-Ear Earbuds that are convertible from Bluetooth to wired to work with all communication systems.

Moto Camp Nerd (value $1,524) - $1500 Moto Camp Nerd Gift Card to use in store or online & MCN Flask
Our Mission is to outfit riders with innovative outdoor gear that saves space and weight for every motorcycle adventure. We do this by stocking small and light innovative outdoor gear that packs easily on or in motorcycle panniers. We stock the top brands in the outdoor industry that are more than capable of enduring any adventure you throw at it. Yes, stock, as in we hold inventory!

We strive to inspire, empower and educate every motorcycle rider to adventure outdoors, safely and respectfully by investing our time and money back into the community that supports us. When you make a purchase from Moto Camp Nerd, you are supporting a small business, as well as motorcycle content creators and non-profit organizations like the BDR that works with agencies and land management to keep the backcountry open to motorcycles.

Welcome to the Moto Camp Nerd family!


BMW Performance Center (Value $1,800) - BMW Performance Center Winner’s Choice of Either Two-Day On-Road or Off-Road School
ON-ROAD: Two days of on-road riding instruction will saturate your brain and body with challenges specific to your skill set. Working one-on-one with a BMW USRA Pro, riders will build upon lessons learned from the first day and practice in those areas they feel need the most attention.

OFF-ROAD: This two-day offering will have you ready to tackle almost any remote location that you wish to transit. The first day will cover off-road foundations, while day two gets into more focused events like traversing steep inclines and declines, riding through mud, and picking up your bike while on a hill. The enhanced riding skills you learn will become as vital as your favorite pair of boots.

Both schools include the use of BMW Performance Center motorcycle.

Bob's Motorcycles (value $1,521) - Complete riding suit
Complete riding suit including a BMW Pacedry Adventure Jacket, a pair of BMW Pacedry Pants, a pair of BMW Pacedry GTX Gloves, a pair of BMW Gravel EVO Boots and a Bob's Motorcycle T-shirt and hat.

Clearwater Lights (value $1,500) - $1,500 Gift Certificate
Clearwater Lights are high powered, fully dimmable LED lights that provide longer life and lower power consumption than other light systems. The lights achieve this by utilizing custom and proprietary digital control circuits.


IMT Bike Tours (value $4,400) - Essence of Portugal Tour IMTBIKE Tours – Soul and Tradition (airfare not included)
This unique tour is the perfect way to discover all the hidden secrets that Portugal has to offer. Seven riding days through Central Portugal will give you sufficient time to enjoy the traditions of these hospitable people, from their bewitching Fado music to delicious Portuguese cuisine and its excellent wines.

The mountains in Central Portugal boast some of the best curvy roads in all of Europe. These serpentine roads, with almost no traffic and incredible asphalt, will keep you smiling day after day. Now add beautiful land and seascapes around every curve and you’ll understand what authentic motorcycle pleasure is. From the beauty of the Estoril Coast and the charming vineyards on the Douro riverbank; to uniquely fascinating cities like Lisbon and Porto, this tour will leave you wanting to return for more!

Bike Tour Asia (value $1,520) - Bike Tour Asia 5-Day Self-Guided Motorcycle Tour – Amazing Land of Lanna – North Thailand
This self-guided Thailand Motorcycle Tour gives you a great insight into the land of the Lana Kingdom – the “Kingdom of a Million Rice Fields”. The roads are mainly rural two lanes with a variety of surfaces and wind through areas
of spectacular mountainous beauty. From Chiang Mai, the “Rose of the North” we ride to the remote province of Nan, which for centuries remained autonomous and cut off from the outside world. Take a look at the unique village of Bo Kluea with its Salt Wells. You will visit the city of Chiang Rai and the stunning artwork of the nearby White Temple – known as Wat Rong Khun.

You will also go to rather more famous or infamous places like the Golden Triangle by the Mekong River, where Laos, Myanmar and Thailand meet and where in previous decades the opium poppy provided a living to many people until it was stopped in 1996 after the death of Khun Sa, a legendary drug lord. Experience the main border crossing between Thailand and Myanmar at Mae Sai and ride the spectacular road to Doi Tung and Mae Salong. Doi Angkhang with its scenic beauty. Between Mae Taeng and Mae Hong Son, there are 1,864 bends or twisties which gives everybody a great opportunity to improve their cornering skills whatever their level of expertise. Among the highlights of the trip, you can also visit the Long Neck Women of the Karen Tribe, famous for the brass rings that they wear around their necks. Before returning to Chiang Mai drive to the top of Thailand – the highest mountain in Thailand (Doi Inthanon), 2,565 meters.

Includes one Rider, choice of motorcycle and single room.

MotoQuest Tours and Rentals (value $1,500) - 7-Day Motorcycle Rental from any MotoQuest rental facility
MotoQuest offers three motorcycle rental locations on the West Coast from which you may start your motorcycle
vacation. You may hire a motorbike from Los Angeles, Portland, or Anchorage. You may also take advantage of our
one-way rentals and pick up a motorbike at one location and drop it off at another rental location. Have you ever wanted to ride to Alaska? How about explore Baja, Mexico or ride the Pacific Coast Highway through Washington, Oregon and California? Whatever the destination is, make the ride your own with a MotoQuest rental. Every rental shop is located near a National Parks and scenic byways. Take a motorcycle holiday and explore the Western United States and Alaska by Motorcycle and get ready for world-class scenery and roads.

Winner will receive two premium outfitted touring motorcycles for 7-day. Some conditions apply. Must be used within 18 months.