The 50th National Rally - June 8-10, 2023, in Richmond, Virginia!

The MOA Karol Patzer Children’s Charity Challenge


The Port Washington (Wisconsin) BMW Club (#116) once again challenges all BMW MOA clubs and individuals to meet or beat their initial donation of $100 to this year’s Children’s Charity.

The Children’s Charity was started by, and is named in memory of, longtime MOA member Karol Patzer. Before her passing in 2018, Karol created the charity and oversaw it very successfully for 25 years. While $100 (or more) per club or individual would be wonderful, even one dollar per rally attendee would help to make a difference for the children involved.

The Children’s Charity this year is Care To Learn. Won’t you join the generosity of the Port Washington BMW Club in making a difference for this worthy cause?

According to Care to Learn’s website, “Each year, almost a million children go to school in the state of Missouri. While most families are able to stock up on supplies, some will have a much harder time making ends meet (especially now with the turmoil going on in the world). When basic needs go unmet, students cannot focus on learning. 19.2% of children in Missouri live in poverty. 15.8% of Missouri children live in households dealing with food insecurity. Students with unmet medical, dental, and mental health concerns are more likely to have developmental delays and cognitive impairment. By the end of fifth grade, low-income students may be 2-1/2 grades behind academically.”

Shep Brown (right) presents one lucky 50/50 winner with his wad of cash!

During the Rally, be on the lookout for Shep Brown, Thomas Wentz and their volunteers in bright red aprons roving the Rally grounds selling 50/50 tickets. There will be two individual drawings on Thursday and Friday and one on Saturday. You’ll have an opportunity to win some beer money while helping Care to Learn. Also, your donations at the 50/50 booth, coffee station, sewing booth, charging stations and other volunteer areas provide an opportunity to contribute to this worthy cause. We all need to crank the throttle for charity in 2022!

If you or your club would like to donate before, during or after the rally, simply write a check payable to the BMW MOA, indicating Karol’s Charity in the memo area (!! this is super important, otherwise we won't know what your check is meant for !!) and send it to Susanna Parkhouse - BMW MOA Charity, 2350 Hwy 101 S, Greer SC 29651.

Thanks for coming to Wander Farther, and thank you for supporting Care to Learn. The 2022 Rally put $14,435.71 in the hands of Care to Learn, thanks to the following funnels:

  • 50/50 Raffle - $7,579.00
  • Club Challenge - $4,870.00
  • Sewing Booth - $1,460.00
  • Coffee, Charging Station and Bike Wash Booths - $526.71

The top six clubs meeting the Club Challenge were:

  • Chicago Region - $550.00
  • Pure Stodge - $530.00
  • BMW Club of Minnesota - $500.00
  • Camp Glockenspiel - $420.00
  • Madison BMW Club - $300.00
  • Knights of the Roundel - $300.00

We hope to see you and your generosity at the 50th Rally in Richmond, Virginia, in 2023! Until then, remember you can still contribute to Care to Learn throughout 2022 using the information above.

BMW MOA National Rally