June 13-15, 2024 | Deschutes County Fairground, Redmond, Oregon


Rockin' and dancin' in Redmond


Volunteer Appreciation Night with


Hokule'a Ohana Dancers
The Substitutes


Heller Highwater
David Jacobs-Strain & Bob Beach


Sweet Motor
Peach Street Revival

Entertainment breakdown by Rally Co-Chair Sam Garst

The Entertainment Committee has been working hard to bring a mix of local musicians and artists and a couple of old friends to the 2024 MOA National Rally in Redmond. I am very excited to introduce you to this year’s lineup.

Starting on Wednesday, we will be listening to a wonderful band: Adrian + Meredith, a Polka-inspired Swing/Folk band. Always ones to march to their own drum, Adrian + Meredith make a different sort of roots racket. Since the release of their debut album More Than A Little, the duo has been pounding the pavement and putting their own spin on Americana music. Their live show will have you on your feet dancing, clapping, and stomping along with music that has the spirit of punk, the twang of folk, the flavor of Polka, and the bounce of swing.

Adrian was already ten years into an acclaimed solo career when Meredith made a guest appearance on his 2014 release, “Roam.” Since then, the partnership has grown into a full-time collaboration, with the two swapping harmonies, trading solos, and acting as co-pilots both on and off the stage.

Adrian was born on the Canadian/Detroit border and was raised on rock, punk, and soul music, with a carnival barker’s croon and an off-the-wall “claw-hammer guitar” approach to playing the acoustic guitar. Meanwhile, Meredith was a nearby Ann Arbor, Michigan, native who cut her teeth in the old-time music scene, playing traditional fiddle and clogging. Those two approaches come together with Adrian + Meredith, a project that honors the traditions of folk and Americana music while pushing beyond those genres’ boundaries.

Adrian + Meredith with full band.

Thursday, June 13, marks the official beginning of the 2024 BMW MOA National Rally. We will be starting the evening off with a local Hawaiian musical and dance group, the Hokule’a Ohana Dancers. Their beautiful music and amazing dancers will be an enchanting way to begin our Rally.

Hokule’a Ohana Dancers

Thursday’s second act will be The Substitutes. As Central Oregon’s self-appointed “Rock and Roll Border Patrol,” The Substitutes have been defending our right to rock since 1996. For over two decades they have dedicated themselves to honoring the tradition and integrity of what it means to be a rock band. This means you are always guaranteed to receive an undiluted dose of 100% organic, USDA Prime, gluten-free, range-fed rock and roll with no unpleasant side effects or aftertaste. Not too heavy and not too light, The Substitutes are as all-American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, Chevrolet, and shelling out four bucks for vanilla chai latte.

The Substitutes

Friday’s music starts with Heller Highwater, a local Central Oregon band. The Heller Highwater Trio and Band was put together after Heather D, lead singer with Out of the Blue Dance Band, decided to take a couple years off to travel and generally take a break until her love of singing and performing brought her back out to the Central Oregon music scene.

As a dynamic lead singer, Heather has an R&B soulful vocal style. Whether a dance tune or a slow ballad, you can expect to be wowed by her powerful vocals and energy when performing. The cover choices are crowd pleasers from R&B, rock, country to pop and blues. “I like to see people moving, dancing, engaged in the music,” Heather said. They cover everything from the Rolling Stones, Bill Withers, Jason Maraz, to Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Chris Stapleton and many, many more.

Heller Highwater

Friday’s second act features David Jacobs-Strain & Bob Beach. Jacobs-Strain and Beach sit side-by-side on the stage with a Pogreba guitar, built by the man who built the cannon Hunter S. Thompson was shot out of, sitting loosely in David’s hands. Bob adjusts the distance to his 1940’s RCA microphone then leans over the box propped open at his side and grabs two harmonicas. They are calm. Poised. The crowd has no idea what they are in for next.

David Jacobs-Strain and Bob Beach are a multigenerational, bicoastal duo who have been performing together since 2010, currently performing between 70 and 100 shows a year on both east and west coasts, delighting and bewildering roots music lovers. Check them out on Bandcamp to buy their most recent album, The Belfry Session.

David Jacobs-Strain & Bob Beach

On Saturday night, the final night of the 2024 Redmond BMW MOA National Rally, we will be enjoying the music of both someone new and an old friend. Our new friend is the Central Oregon band, Sweet Motor. This local Central Oregon five-piece band offers up a blend of Southern Rock and Blues, with an R&B vibe. Each member contributes a distinct sound. Vivid, blues-driven guitars, honest and soulful vocals, and a dynamic rhythm section will surely please all audiences!

Sweet Motor creates amazingly tasteful original compositions as well as carefully selected and re-invented cover songs. Their infectious sounds can vary from sweet and subdued to gritty with an edge, a rockin’ sound that any music fan will appreciate and enjoy!

Sweet Motor

Our old friend Saturday night is the Peach Street Revival, an act from the 50th Anniversary musical lineup in Doswell and a real member favorite. Peach Street Revival is a fierce, female-dominated rock band from Grand Junction, Colorado, committed to crafting hit songs, touring globally, and intertwining their music with the fashion industry. The band offers a unique blend of original compositions with classic rock covers which provides a refreshing, nostalgic experience that allows fans to connect deeply with the music.

Peach Street Revival stands out in the industry due to their dynamic musicianship and captivating performances, which, in turn, has cultivated a devoted fan base. Peach Street Revival has graced stages alongside renowned acts such as ZZ Top, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, Flobots, and more. During the show, fans will experience a seamless blend of Peach Street Revival's original songs and iconic hits from legendary artists like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Rush, Heart, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, and the like! Check out some of their original material on Soundcloud.

Peach Street Revival

I believe that we have an outstanding lineup of musical talent and that everyone will have a great time at the 2024 Redmond Rally.