June 19-21, 2025 | Wilson County Fairground, Lebanon, Tenn.

Food at the Rally!


You may not come to the Rally every year for the food, but without something to eat, everybody is going to get cranky! Sure, you can venture offsite and find anything you want, but not everybody wants to gear up and go foraging. To help you make your choices, we'll have a list of food vendors on this page as soon as the information is available.

Food vendors—including a number of food trucks—will be in the Center Circle, the focal point of the outdoor grounds of the facility. Additionally, ice, water and soft drinks will be available in multiple locations throughout the grounds.

For you morning eaters and drinkers, you'll be able to choose from Mt. Coffee for coffee or smoothies and Pony Expresso for coffee and breakfast.

When it's lunch or dinner time, start with Hawaiian Fare, but don't forget Desert Flame Wood-Fired Pizza—maybe they'll put pineapple on it for you—or pub fare like Fish & Chips. You can also visit Dump City Dumplings, Island Noodles (yakisoba style) or Bobablastic (boba tea & poké bowls) if you're into Asian or fusion eats. You can also go full fairground food with the Central Oregon Corndog Company! More details on these vendors is below.

In-between meals or just to treat yourself, check out Suzy Q's Sweet Things & Curbside Cookies, Tin Fillies Fizzies Lemonade & Iced Tea and that fairground classic, Dippin' Dots, where you can also get a cool, refreshing slushie for a midafternoon sugar boost. Or midmorning. We don't judge.

Dump City Dumplings: online menu | offering Pizza, Pad Thai and Chinese Pork dumplings, plus the same in mini-dumplings (plus others with jem superberries and a supreme meat pizza mini). Try a Teriyaki, Curry or Rice bowl, or a sandwich made with Teriyaki chicken, crispy pork or a grilled lion's mane mushroom. You can also get wonton nachos, spring rolls, tofu bites, a number of veggie sides, wontons and even sticky rice—plus a slew of delicious sauces. (Note their offerings at the Rally site may not reflect their entire menu. Please be understanding.)

Island Noodles: Started two decades ago by a Hawaiian native and offering up a taste of his home state, Island Noodles will satisfy your hunger with their proprietary soba noodles, a selection of up to 21 fresh vegetables and their special island sauce. Vegan offerings available, and every order is served in a convenient take-away cup made of eco-friendly compostable material. If you're game (or skilled), ask for chopsticks!

Bobablastic: online menu | A regional chain with over 100 locations in eight states (and one in Mexico!), Bobablastic is the Pacific northwest's king of boba tea. Available hot or iced, their teas are infused with flavors from almond, chocolate and coconut to honeydew, mango and peach—and everything in-between. They also offer food like hot dogs, nachos, loaded fries and more!

Central Oregon Corndog Company: online menu | Meat on a stick, breaded and deep-friend to golden brown perfection. What else does a rallygoer need? Slather on some mustard after you've decided between an 1/8th pounder, 1/4-pounder (both all-beef, of course) or their Cheese Bomb—no meat, just cheese! Don't ignore their deep-fried desserts (Milky Way or Snickers) because after all, you only live once. Top off your corndog meal with some kettle chips and a drink and you're set 'til tomorrow.