BMW MOA National Rally June 16-18, 2022 - celebrate 50 years of the MOA!

Rider Training

We're expecting some great rider training programs in Springfield. Details are still coming together, but we expect the following trainers to participate with us.

Off-Road Training with West38Moto

We are excited to team up with West38Moto to provide off-road training classes at the Rally! The activity will include 1/2 day of training and 1/2 day of skill-building trail riding. The morning session concentrates on body positioning, braking techniques, traction, and better cornering in the dirt.

Streetmasters Rally Cornering Workshop

Master proven cornering, braking, and riding techniques. Become quicker, safer, and much more proficient on the road. This will not be your typical “parking lot practice,” as it will be challenging and informative. For some, this will be a great opportunity to brush up on current skills, while offering newer riders an opportunity to learn great techniques from the knowledgeable Streetmasters staff.

BMW Performance Center Authority Training

This is the rider school where you train just like Law Enforcement Motor Officers! You will experience actual Law Enforcement Motor Officer courses, taught by Law Enforcement Officers from the BMW Performance Center’s US Rider Academy. You will learn the importance of head and eye placement along with clutch and throttle control. These are the basic skills that will enable you to have a flowing relationship with the motorcycle.