The Pacific Northwest Triple Crown

The Pacific Northwest Triple Crown

Horace Greeley once said, “Go west, young man.”

Greeley’s advice to the intrepid travelers of yesteryear still holds true today. It’s especially true for all the riders from across the nation who plan to head west to the 2024 MOA National Rally in Redmond, Oregon, this June.

This year is particularly enticing because with the support of the MOA staff, both the Washington State BMW Riders and the BMW Riders of Oregon have coordinated their annual rallies to the MOA National and are offering recognition and prizes to riders who attend all three events. We’re calling it the “Pacific Northwest Triple Crown” where, over three weekends, rally goers can attend three fabulous events highlighting the vast riding opportunities found in the Pacific Northwest.

The view at Cape Horn.

The MOA National Rally is scheduled for June 13-16 at the Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center in Redmond, Oregon. Then, just one week later from June 20-23, the BMW Riders of Oregon will host their annual Chief Joseph Rally in beautiful John Day, Oregon. Finally, the Washington State BMW Riders will host their rally in Cashmere, Washington, in the heart of Washington’s Cascade mountains from June 27-30.

Oregon, and Eastern Oregon especially, is a great place to ride and explore. From deep forests to ancient snow-capped volcanoes, world-famous fossil beds to twisty mountain roads, there’s something for every rider on both pavement and dirt. East of Redmond, Ponderosa Pine forests merge into beautiful open Juniper clad hills and rolling ranchlands.

The extravagantly fabulous riding just keeps on as you go north into Washington state. The town of Cashmere is a stop on the Washington Back Country Discovery Route and is located where the mountain highways blend into one of the most productive agricultural regions of the Pacific Northwest. There, riders can explore mountain passes along with the mighty Columbia River. See the channeled scablands illustrating the power of the ancient Missoula ice dam floods to the modern dams that provide power and water to an entire region. While there, enjoy apples and pears freshly picked from orchards found right in town.

The Pacific Northwest is fascinatingly diverse—in geography, geology, flora and fauna, and in the history and cultures that have shaped this beautiful region for countless generations.

But wait, there’s more!
Just two weeks before the MOA National Rally, the Northern California BMW Riders will host their annual ‘49er Rally in Mariposa, California. A fantastic event for motorcycle enthusiasts and history buffs alike, Mariposa is steeped in Gold Rush history and offers the opportunity to ride the trails and visit historical locations from the Gold Rush era of 1849. Yosemite National Park, known for its stunning natural beauty, is also nearby and offers a perfect destination for nature lovers, and the nearby Sierra Mountains means riders can enjoy exhilarating and scenic rides while exploring the region.

California's diverse landscapes make it an ideal location for motorcycling, from coastal highways to mountain roads and everything in between. It's a great reminder that California has so much to offer, and the ‘49er allows riders to experience it in a unique way.

Mount Hood in the distance.